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April 9, 2021
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Choosing the coffee table is a tricky part. It is placed in the center of your living room. And it is one of the essential decoration decisions that one has to make. After all, if you don’t have a coffee table in your living room, where are you putting your cups, magazines, remote controls, and mobile phones? 

The coffee table completes the look of your living room, and in my opinion, it is the second most fun part of designing your place after picking up a sofa set. There are tons of different designs and styles of coffee tables, including the outdoor coffee table. You will find it difficult to choose only one because every class is incredibly designed, making it beautiful in its way.

There are certain things to be focused on while picking one because not every round coffee table would be looking perfect in your living area. For choosing the ideal coffee table, there are specific tips that you should pay attention to so that you won’t regret it later. The same rules apply while shopping for the outdoor coffee table as well.

Size of the Coffee Table:

A round coffee table should be proportional to your sofa set. The coffee table should be at least one half the length of your sofa but mention that it should not be longer than your sofa. A friendly and perfect coffee table is of the length of three-fourth or two-thirds.

Height of the Coffee Table:

The height is essential to notice. The size should be at least one or two inches lower than your sofa. The traditional standard coffee table is 16 to 18 inches in height, but if your sofa seat is higher, consider the taller coffee table, like 20 to 21 inches, it will be easy for you to use while putting a glass or picking up a plate.

Maintain the Distance:

There should be an appropriate distance between the sofa and the round coffee table so that your legs won’t get in touch with your coffee table. The ideal distance between the edge of the couch and the coffee table is 18 inches close enough for the guest to stretch out their legs and sit comfortably. Often many people don’t leave much space, or some leave too much space. 

Leave some Space:

There should be negative space so that people can walk around easily. If you have a narrow room, leave at least 30 inches from the edge of the coffee table to the TV stand. 

If you are looking for an outdoor coffee table, still leave some space around so the guest can roam around comfortably.

Balance your Coffee Table:

There should be a maintained balance between the sofa set and your round coffee table style. If you have a solid colour sofa, try picking a glass coffee table with a leggy chrome frame. If your couch is thinner and streamlined, choose a chunkier coffee table with a thick wood top and a solid base surface.

Choose a Table According to the Needs:

If you have kids in your house, an oval or round coffee table will be a perfect choice because there will be no sharp edges. Plus, avoid a glass top because kids with a sensitive glass outdoor coffee table are not an excellent idea. And if you need storage space like some families, there are also outdoor coffee tables with a shelf underneath.

Consider the One Which can Easily clean and Maintained:

Glass tables are easily wiped out and are less bulky than wood and metal materials. But if you cannot find the coaster, it is okay to put your filled glass on it. You can cover it up with a nice rug to prevent it from scratches. Lucite and acrylic are the best options that you can consider.

Chose the Material: 

You can choose wood, glass or metal and other types of materials too but these are commonly used. 

Since wood is heavy and brings space to your area, you should prefer to buy wood coffee tables if you have larger living rooms with high ceilings. But if you don’t have a living area with a high ceiling and spacious space, you can also choose wood with a narrow table.

If your living room is already filled with wood, you can choose the outdoor coffee tables of glass or metal with a metal base. 

Consider Colour:

Choosing the right colour for the coffee table will give more attraction to your living area. Lacquered coffee tables come in every colour. Choose the colour that will maintain the colour theme of your overall living room.  It does not mean choosing the table in the same colour as your sofa set. For instance, you choose an outdoor coffee table of bold hue, then keep your sofa set and chair neutral to let the table lighten up. And for an outdoor coffee table, select the table colour that will look good with the natural textures. 

There is also a comprehensive option to choose among the shapes. Not each profile will look elegant in your living room. 

Oval coffee tables:

They are great in balancing and functioning form. Such shapes have no sharp edges, so they are the perfect choice among kids. 

Plus, they offer ample space on top to store things. 

Rectangular coffee tables:

They are the modern design which is used commonly, and they provide a large amount of space.

Square outdoor coffee tables:

They give a nice and symmetrical look to your living room, and they sometimes offer storage space beneath the surface.

Round coffee table:

Round coffee tables are ideal for inviting guests and large families who eat while watching movies together. 

Whichever coffee table you choose, choose according to your need. Choose the one which perfectly matches your home décor and fulfill your storage needs as well if you have.

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