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Of all the mattresses available in the market today, a folding mattress is one of the best. If you have less space at home, it is excellent for you. It has a unique folding design; it can be squeezed in the storage room or the closet if it is not needed outside. If you have kept it for guests, then you can fold it back and slide it under the bed once your guests leave. Apart from the fact that you can store it quickly, it can also be transported without work. 

The folding mattress that you see in the market is the one having three panels that can be folded into two sections. It is perfect for guests or your kids for sleepovers or just for lounging in the living room. An excellent folding mattress is a lot more comfortable to rest on compared to the cheap sofa or form futon. Considering the outdoor activities, you can carry them along when camping or traveling to have a comfortable night’s rest. You should admit that these mattresses will be a lot more comfortable to sleep on compared to the thin sleeping bags if you do not have to get in the mountains. 

If you are going hiking, then it is not recommended to take the Afterpay mattress along as it is bulky. Apart from this, there are many benefits of getting a folding mattress. We have listed some of the benefits you can look at before you invest in a folding Afterpay mattress. You can look at these benefits to find out if these mattresses will suit your needs and taste. 

  • Compact and saves space 

If your apartment, home, or condominiums have less space, then a folding mattress is the best alternative to traditional mattresses. Having more space is a luxury nowadays. Having compact mattresses that can be folded into a smaller size are a must-have to save your space. You will love the extra space that you have to move around in the house as it is collapsible, so you can fold it into two to three for decreasing its size. It is not possible to fold the traditional mattresses on the bed frames. If you have kids, you can give them more space to have fun and play around in the house. It is a significant investment, especially for minimalistic people, as they can have lesser things in their space. Space can be decluttered in the morning without the hassle, and then you can have a good rest at night. 

  • Ideal for kids and guests 

folding mattress

If your kids love rolling on the floor as they play, read books, or draw, then a folding mattress is precisely what you need. It is very comfortable compared to letting the children roll on the floors, especially when you do not have a carpet. The thin playing mats cannot be compared to the folding mattress. It is safer as compared to leaving your kid on the bed as it has no chances of falling. So you can multitask without worrying about your kid. When your kids are familiar with it, they can even fold it and unfold it themselves at their playtime. It will work great for a guest even when you have them regularly or once in a few months. It will not require permanent space when you are not attending guests. You can give them these mattresses when they want to relax rather than giving them the couch with limited space. 

  • Great for traveling and sleepovers 

folding mattress

These Afterpay mattresses are a great solution for sleepovers, mainly when you have teenagers or kids who like sleepovers a lot. As it can be folded into a smaller size, it will fit in the car easily. When your kids sleep at their friends’ houses, they will undoubtedly thank you for these mattresses. If you are planning to camp near the car, a folding mattress is great for you. It is portable, light in weight, and easy to carry in the car’s trunk, so you will not be sleeping on the ground as you enjoy any outdoor activity. 

  • Cheaper as compared to the regular mattresses 

A regular mattress is a considerable investment, especially when looking for extra features to relieve pressure. If you are looking for a hybrid mattress, you may have to spend many dollars, so a folding mattress is a cheaper option. Purchasing it as an Afterpay mattress will save you many dollars if you are getting a high-quality model. It may not be as long-lasting and durable as the traditional mattress but purchasing a folding mattress for occasional purposes compared to the regular mattresses is a practical solution. 

  • Versatile designs of folding mattress  

folding mattress

If you are looking for mattresses hidden behind the bookshelves or under the couch, you should go for a folding mattress. Few folding mattresses can even be folded in a single or double sofa chair as well. This is why the folding mattress is versatile compared to any other Afterpay mattress, as they can be converted. You can use these mattresses as a low couch and a bed at night after unfolding this Afterpay mattress. As kids love their space, a folding mattress is good for the kid’s room as there are smaller sizes available for children. 


The folding mattress is a worthy investment when it comes to mattresses. This Afterpay mattress is comfortable, flexible, and portable. It provides better cushioning when you get the folding mattress with memory foam filling as it contours to the curves of your body. 

We have a wide range of mattresses at HR sports. Get your folding mattress now and enjoy all the benefits. By getting it as an Afterpay mattress, you will have the ease of paying for it as well. You can buy the folding mattress now and then pay for it later.

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