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October 29, 2020
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Buying an inflatable boat might look like an easy task to someone who does not know much about inflatable boats but when you go to buy camping gear, you will know that you need a lot of information before making a decision. If you are new to the boat market, you will be shocked to see the variety that you have to choose from when you are selecting the best inflatable boat for you.

It is important to note what you will be using your boat for. Is it for sporting events or just for short trips? Another consideration that needs to be made is whether you will be using your camping gear in the open sea or small water bodies that are sheltered. Keeping these things and the conditions that you will be using your inflatable boat, in your mind will help you decide if you should buy a rigid hull inflated boat (RIB) or a fabric hull boat. There are a few important things that should be considered before making a decision, they are as follows:

Storage and launching needs

Considering the storing and launching needs are important for your inflatable boat. Owners can choose wherever they want to store their camping gear. Fabric hull inflatable models are light therefore easy to transport either by car or to lift on board. They can even be stored in small spaces.  Rigid hull inflated boats (RIB) are capable of providing storage as compared to other boats rather they are specially designed for smaller storage spaces. 

Performance needs

The performance needs to depend on whether you are planning to use your camping gear for sporting activities or a supplement to your occasional yachting experience. Considering the passenger capacity that you want is the first step.  Normally an inflatable boat can carry between four to eight passengers but RIBs have a larger capacity if you want more space. Some RIBs can even hold up to fifteen people. The performance is also affected by the size and weight of the camping gear. Larger inflatable boats perform better and provide more comfort and stability and also faster planning.

Choosing the right Floor and Hull

Choosing the type of flooring is important as it will affect the time that is taken to assemble the boat. You can choose from two types of flooring that are available for fabric hull camping gears. A traditional removable rigid floor would be the best for seasonal and occasional usage. Picking a floor that can be left in place requires less time and its assembling is also easier. High-tech air floors or slats can be chosen with some models that become rigid when they are inflated. A Deep V-shaped fiberglass hull can be chosen for RIB if you are buying it.

Choosing the right outboard

inflatable boat

While choosing the right outboard for your camping gear, it is important to see what would be your actual power needs.  If you will be using your camping gear for sports activities then an outboard of 30hp is needed for you. On the other hand, if you will be using your boat for leisure activities then an outboard with less power would work for you.

Going Inflatable

Inflatable boats that are manufactured now are more user friendly, stylish, and comfortable than ever before. If you are planning to go inflatable, search for boat shows or your local stores to see if the inflatable advantage is the best for you.

Inflatable Advantage

inflatable boat

Camping gears are easy to transport, comfortable, safe, fuel-efficient, and easier to maintain. For all the new people in the market, there are two types of camping gears, inflatables, and RIBs.

  • Inflatables – also known as soft bottom inflatables and always use inflatable hulls. Traditional soft bottom units with floorboards, roll-up models, and high-pressure air floors are included in flooring options.
  • RIBs – also known as hard bottom inflatables and always use rigid hulls like aluminum and fiberglass. RIBs are known to be hybrid vessels with the benefits of both traditional powerboats and inflatables.

Growing Popularity of Inflatable boats

Inflatable boats are now more popular than ever before. They are being searched for and bought for different purposes. People are recognizing the advantage of having camping gear.

Top Inflatable Advantages

RIBs and inflatables are user-friendly and they are designed for speed, safety, durability, and comfort. They even look stylish than other boats. The top seven inflatable advantages are given below

  • Safety

The large, shock-absorbing inflatable collars of inflatables and RIBs create a highly stable boat that is nearly impossible to capsize under normal conditions. With several independent air compartments in each buoyancy tube, the boat is stable and unsinkable, even with one of the air chambers deflated.

  • Mobility

After deflation and being folded, the camping gear takes less space for storing and transportation. Transportation and launching of RIBs are easy and towing them with cars is a lot easier than transporting other boats

  • Buoyancy

The load capacity of an inflatable is greater than that of a traditional rigid boat of the same size because of large buoyancy tubes…

  • Fuel Efficiency and Power Ratio

 Their lightweight and smaller engines allow them to have more fuel efficiency and low purchase cost.

  • Smoother and Drier Ride

The buoyancy tubes do a great job of impact absorption when cruising at high speeds, and deflect spray for a drier ride.

  • Stylish look

The sharp colors and modern designs of inflatables are far better than traditional boats. These features grab the attention of buyers the moment they decide to buy a boat.

  • Simple Maintenance

Maintaining inflatable boats is very easy as compared to other boats. Soapy water keeps them clean and an inflation pump can pump these boats. Buoyancy tubes allow you to not worry about starches and dings.

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