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If you are a cat owner, you know the importance of a cat tree or a cat condo. If you shop for a cat scratching tree online, you will realize that it is not as easy as it may look. There are many options available when it comes to the cat tree. Many different materials, sizes as well as functions are present that make it harder to choose. We will guide you through the process of selecting the right cat tree for your cat. 

Importance of a Cat Tree

Importance of a Cat Tree

You may be thinking, what basically is a cat tree? So, a cat tree or cat scratching tree is an equipment piece that is designed for cats to climb, sleep, play, perch, and scratch. It is fully functional equipment that is equipped and has a scratching post, high perch, stable base, as well as a house so that your cat can curl or sleep in it. A scratching post is essential for the claws of the cat. The perch allows the cat to sit or stand high. 

Need of a Cat Tree 

Cats are very active, and they carry out several activities during the day. They like to run, jump, scratch, hide, and lounge as this keeps them happy and healthy. A high quality and suitable cat scratching tower functions as a place where the cats can do all such activities. It will also keep them away from the ground. Few cats are scared of toys, robots, RC cars, or vacuum cleaners. Cats like standing high to see everything that is happening or looking out of a window usually. If you set up a cat tree at home, you will save your furniture from getting scratched and from being shredded as cats scratch it a lot. Regardless of the number of times you stop them; they will still scratch the rattan chairs, sofas, tablecloths, etc. The cat scratching tree will function as a great alternative for meeting their hobby.  

Choosing the Best Cat Tree

Choosing the Best Cat Tree at Pay Later Alligator

When we say suitable cat tree, it means we are talking about the cat scratching tree that is of a good size, appearance, material, cat’s number, accessories, as well as a cost. The cat’s habits, personality and size must also be considered. Given below are some of the important points that you should remember before buying the cat tree. 

  • Size

Cat trees are available in several sizes. Few of them are simple, and others have many functions. While selecting a cat tree, select the perfect size that you want. It should fit the space that you have as well as the size of your cat, large breeds or small breeds. The scratching tower must be high so that the cat can climb, and its condo must be of adequate size for the cat to sleep inside. Always check the dimensions before you buy a cat tree.

Besides this, also keep the personality of your cat in your mind because if the cat likes to play and is very active, then you should go for a cat scratching tree that is multi-functional and big. 

If you have a peace-loving cat, then the simple scratching tower that has a comfortable bed and a platform at the top is good. Also, make sure that you keep the number of cats under consideration. If you have two cats, then the cat tree with a larger condo and space will be better. If the cat is old, then a medium-sized cat scratching tree will be fine. 

  • Material

Material of Cat Tree at Pay Later Alligator

Usually, the cat scratching tree is made from solid wood, rope, fabric, particle boards, and a carpet. As we know, solid wood is durable as compared to others. The particle boards are economical but not as durable as solid wood. Its surface is made from cloth, faux fabric, or carpet. The carpet is cozy and soft, so your cats will love it. Few cats scratch on cat scratching tree carpet, and others like to play with the rope of the scratching tower. Keep the preferences in your mind before you buy a cat tree. 

  • Appearance

The appearance and size are correlative for the cat tree. The simple cat scratching tree is small and comes with a platform and scratching post. An elaborate scratching tower has a scratching post, platform for perching, a cradle for lounging and lying, a house for sleeping and hiding and some toys so that they can play. The colour and appearance of the cat tree should match with the decorations that you have in the house so that you can keep the aesthetic feeling. 

  • Durability and stability 

The durability and stability are important factors that you must consider when you want to buy a perfect cat tree. The base of the cat scratching tree should be stable, so it does not lose its balance and does not wobble. Regardless of the scratch on the post and how many times the cat goes up and down the scratching tower, the platform must be sturdy. The scratching tower should be durable. The cat scratching tree will not be used once, and they will give your cats a space to sleep and play. If the cat scratching the tree is not durable and studied, it will be dangerous and a waste of money. 

  • Cost

An essential thing to consider when buying a cat scratching tree is the money that you are willing to spend on it. On the basis of the quality of the scratching tower, its prices may differ. A high-quality cat tree won’t be cheap. So, consider every feature as well as specifications before buying the cat tree for your cat.

Cat Tree at Pay Later alligator 

At Pay later alligator, we have a high-quality cat tree for you. Choose the one that is the best for your cat and you. The two best ones are Pet Cat Tree 100 cm Trees Scratching Post Scratcher Tower Condo House Furniture Wood Beige and Pet Cat Tree 180 cm Trees Scratching Post Scratcher Tower Condo House Furniture Wood Beige.

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