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May 25, 2018
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You cannot compare than crawling into bed at night and snuggling up with a comfy quilt. Many times, quilts are less than comforting. In that case, the quilt cover sets give you the cozy bedding of your dreams.

If you are looking for super soft fabric to nestle against you at night. Apart from the feeling soft and cozy, duvet covers are much easier to clean than your quilt. You have to do less effort than washing your quilt. So you have made your mind to give your bedroom a new look by buying a Quilt cover set. In HR-Sports Collection you will get a large variety of quilt cover sets. Here you will get different sizes, colors, and fabrics of the Quilt cover sets.

Best quilt cover sets available in HR-Sports

Jax Chunky Waffle White Quilt Cover Set ad
Jax Cotton is made of 100% cotton front and poly cotton backing. The Waffle White quilt cover is functional as well as fancy, the fabric of the cover is heavier than a regular quilt cover and provide warmth. The white designed quilt cover is paired with a woven beige blanket and matching pillowcase trendy and calm style for your bedroom

Vintage Washed Linen Quilt Cover Set Charcol
Vintage is made of 100% natural linen fabric. You cannot compare with the pleasant to touch the texture of cool and fresh linen sheets in summer as well as winter. This product is designed to keep in mind comfort, durability, and long-lasting comfort. The fabric naturally regulates your body temperature while you sleep too.

1000 Thread Count Black Quilt Cover Set
Thread Count quilt sets introduced a fresh and modern feel to any bedroom. This cover offers the fore to minimalist’s approach to your bedroom décor. A simple black and white drop with 3 stipes, black stitching around the quilt cover. 1000 thread count is available with matching sheets for an irresistible look.

Jersey Quilt Cover Set Grey
The Jersey quilt cover is just like your regular tee, that offers a soft and cozy layer and perfect for year-round use. This ultra soft quilt cover is made of Super Ultra Soft 100% Jersey Cotton T-Shirt Bedding. It saves you time with a hidden zip on the quilt cover and keeps you warm all night. Each set of Jersey comes in a handy fabric bag to ensure easy storage.

This item is perfect for home use as well as a gift for a housewarming party. At HR-Sports we cater to a large variety of tastes and sizes. We have a large variety from on-trend prints, high thread counts, embroidery, jacquard, etc. at attractive
prices. We have a wide variety in the staple sizes single, double, queen, king and super king quilts cover sets.

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