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August 13, 2020
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If your little one’s birthday is coming closer and you are planning to surprise your kid with an amazing present, which will bring a huge smile on your little one’s beautiful face, then you should go for kids ride on cars. Yes, ride on kids car is great for kids as it gives them a real-life driving experience which gives them a lot of fun with a sense of authority.

Don’t worry if you are new to buying kids ride on cars, we have come up with this guide especially for parents like you who want to surprise their little ones. We’ve covered all the important things which you should consider before buying a  car for your little driver.


The engineer or a motor is the thing that makes the wheel of the vehicle push ahead or in reverse. Typically vehicles will have a single on the back wheel. While purchasing a  vehicle check out the number of motors. You can either have a single motor or a double motor c car. Double engine kids ride on cars will have one motor in the back wheel on the left side and the other one on the right wheel.

Having a greater motor size is in every case better, 12V is the perfect battery for any car. Anyway, you will discover 6V battery kids cars as well which are useful for the litter vehicles or little kids. Having a bigger battery can help the car run faster.

24V batteries are uncommon however should just be utilized for the bigger kids ride on car that can seat two kids at a time. Having a 24V battery on your normal size vehicle can make the vehicle run as fast as at 11km/h, which is risky.



There are many different designs and styles of kids cars. You can have a sports car, luxury super kids ride on cars, SUV style cars, and small kiddy push kids cars for the toddlers.

The most popular  car designs are as follows:

· Push kids cars

Children love riding, they like to be in constant motion from the day they first opened their eyes. So, it doesn’t matter if they are too young for a 6V or 12V, they still deserve a car which they can ride and control the way they want.

· Sports kids ride on cars 

Take into account your younger one’s adoration for sparkling new toys with some branded sports vehicles, for example, a Bentley EXP10, Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe, and that’s just the beginning! These life-size renditions of the famous kids cars are designed to fill in as precise, yet useful, imitations of your kid’s definitive dream vehicle.

· Trucks and SUVs

Little kids are more attracted to huge things and tougher challenges; these huge tough vehicles are perfect to let you kid go through those challenges. They come with a wide frame and treaded tires, just like a real vehicle. You can choose from our enormous assortment of vehicles, as well as a fire truck, ambulance, or a police vehicle, so your child can play like the real-life frontline heroes.

You will see the less expensive and low-quality vehicles that come with stickers all over the place, ostentatious lights, and an appalling style with everything taken into account. Avoid these sorts of vehicles, they will give you trouble to assemble and they won’t be long-lasting.



In case you need to keep developing as your kid grows, at that point you need a vehicle that is controlled by a remote. Your kid can utilize the car as soon as 18months, it truly relies upon the size of the infant. The coolest part about a  car with remote control is that your kid at a youthful age will have the option to appreciate the vehicle despite the fact that their feet don’t get to the pedals. Guardians can assume full responsibility for the vehicle while the kid is seated in the car.

Things to remember with these sorts of kids cars are frequencies. A great deal of R/C vehicle may have a similar frequency (27mhz or 41mhz) which could disturb the playing of your kid, ensure that your kid and his ar stay away from R/C vehicles that have a similar recurrence except if the vehicle comes outfitted with a 2.4GHZ R/C.



Enormous vehicles can have 2 seats, yet most of these kids ride on cars accompany 1 seat. The issue that we came across with two-seaters isn’t the usefulness of the vehicle or its speed. Be that as it may, the greatest issue as guardians that we came across with them is the consistent battling between kids on who sits on the driver’s seat.

Another issue with the two-seater car is the size. Some two-seaters claim that it can fit two, however, it is actually 1.5 seater. Two seaters are generally found in bigger kids cars in an SUV style or a rough terrain driver.

In the event that you are searching for sports kids ride on cars such as the Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, Porsche or Bentley then the one-seater is a perfect choice, as it includes all the parts of a lovely super vehicle.

One seater additional spare space in the house or carport, on cooler days children, can drive these kids cars in bigger open space inside the house. Also putting away these vehicles are much simpler than the bigger ones. Remember the one-seater, for example, the Ferrari 12v car, Bentley kids vehicle (12V) is still really huge in measure however they are as yet extraordinary for playing inside just as outside.

Where to buy?

After all said and done, you might be wondering where you can buy the best car for your little driver. Hold on! We will solve this for you too. You can buy the best available vehicles from our website (, where we have an enormous assortment of vehicles for your little drivers, available in different sizes and styles.

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