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May 4, 2021
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The Garden Arches are a great price of garden equipment that will give your garden a presence and add some drama to it. If you are finding something that will be the center of attention, or frame the entrance of your garden, or even when you are finding something to section your garden, the Garden Arches will be an attractive addition to your space.

Selecting the best trellis for the garden can be challenging as there is a range of styles available that come at different prices and materials that you have to choose from. We will try to make this process a little easier for you if you follow our guide.

Given below are the things that you should know before buying your Garden Arches.  


The first thing that you should consider is the size. The size will come first for the garden equipment. If the trellis is big and the garden is small, it will overpower it, and if it is too small in the large garden, it will be lost. Garden Arches come in many widths, depths, and heights, so you have to choose the size that will look best in your garden. The common sizes are four feet eleven inches and four feet in width, and two feet in depth. 

They will look great in all types of garden paths as well as walkways. The Garden Arches come up to 3.5m in width, which is big enough to let the 4 x 4 wheel pass through. Selecting the perfect size for the garden is crucial, and you have to keep it according to the outer space to ensure that your trellis suits your garden rightly. 


Ranging from the traditional roman styles to the intricate work, Garden Arches are available in many styles that will suit every garden. If you have a traditional garden, you can choose wooden trellis or classic metal shapes. If you have modern gardens, then go for the contemporary square metal Garden Arches. You can get simple and plain ones or the ones that are ornate with the trellis panels as well as intricate details, so select the style that is the best for your garden. 


This garden equipment is available in metal, wood, and plastic as well. Every material has different benefits and comes under a different price that may vary on the basis of the material that is used. 

  • Wooden Arches

This garden equipment is standard and comes in different shapes, sizes and prices. It gives your garden a traditional and rustic look. To make sure that these Garden Arches will look great, you have to maintain them regularly. It is advised to find pressure-treated wooden garden equipment as it lasts long and can be protected from insects, rot, and mold. 

Stain or retreat it after a few years, but it is preferable to get it done every year to protect against elements. The timber must be FSC certified to make sure that it is sustainable. Find the chunkier and thicker wooden trellis for a better life and to provide good support for the climbing plants.  

  •   Metal Arches 

If you are looking for an alternative to wooden Garden Arches, then metal Garden Arches are a common alternative. The material used varies from heavy wrought iron to thin steel rod and others that come in between, so selecting the best material for the look and longevity required is an essential factor.  

A steel rod is a heavy-duty material for Garden Arches, but it is better to go for the material that is galvanized to prevent rusting and is powder-coated to give a long-lasting finish. On the other hand, aluminum Garden Arches are light in weight and will not rust, so they will last longer in outer space. Blacksmiths make the trellis made of wrought iron. 

They are uniquely designed for the garden, but you have to look for its cost. This traditional garden equipment looks great when roses climb on it and is suited for traditional gardens. It is heavy and strong and will last longer and provide great support for the climbing plants. 

When selecting the metal Garden Arches, consider their style and make sure it suits the garden. Metal trellis may range from ornate to formal, so selecting the one that fits with the garden is the key. The primary benefit of having a metal trellis is that you will not have to maintain it a lot, and it has more longevity as compared to the wooden Garden Arches. 

Powder-coated and galvanized steel Garden Arches usually come with a ten-year guarantee of at least. All you have to do is wipe them occasionally to keep them in the best condition. Black is a popular choice in colors when it comes to this garden equipment, but it comes in different colors. Neutral green and grey tones are becoming common and grab the attention of visitors.

  • Plastic Arches 

Plastic Garden Arches are not as common as the metal and wood ones, but there are many plastic alternatives available in the market nowadays. They are affordable and easy on the pocket, and they come in many colors and styles that will suit the setting of your garden. Few of the plastic trellis are faux wood, and they may look very realistic. Although, their look will reflect that they are a cheap buy. 

There are many different qualities available. You should go for the sturdier and thicker trellis as they will last longer and provide good support for the climbing plants. Ensure that the Garden Arches are UV stabilized. If they are not stabilized, they may go brittle, discolor and break with time. If the trellis is made of recycled plastic, it will be environmentally friendly.

At Garden Tools Online, we have a range of garden equipment available for you. Get the Garden Arches today and give your garden a new look. You can buy the trellis today by using afterpay methods of payment. 

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