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August 12, 2020
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If you are planning to head to the woods or a mountain trip soon to spend time with yourself in the wilderness, a sleeping bag is one of the most useful gears that will certainly come in handy. Whether you are considering spending the night sleeping directly under a star-filled sky or even inside your camping tent, you will surely need a decent sleeping bag to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. A good night’s sleep in a comfortable sleeping bag will help you enjoy your time out there exploring adventures.

However, if this is your first time buying a sleeping bag, there are certain factors that you might surely want to consider before making a purchase. We have jotted down some tips and tricks along with several factors that you should consider before finalizing a certain sleeping bag online or on a camping store in your locality.

Choosing the right sleeping bag

Choosing the right camping mattress to take out with you on your endless adventures can be a tricky task. Consider checking out the following tips to assist yourself in your hunt for one of the best and most suitable sleeping bags.

Buy a specific temperature range seasonal sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

Generally, there are three types of bags available in the market that you can go for. These bags provide comfortable sleep in varying temperature conditions. Buying a bag not meant for the season at the time of the trip can make you end up listening to the chatter of your teeth in the middle of the night or drenching in your sweat. Following are some categories of bags according to temperature for your knowledge:

  • Summer bags are meant to get you comfortable for temperatures higher than 32ᵒF. These bags allow you to sleep tight on hot summer nights.
  • Three-season bags. These are most suitable for those who make sudden plans without considering the temperature conditions. These bags are perfect for temperature above 20ᵒF, which makes them suitable for travel during spring, fall, and summer.
  • Winter bags are perfect if you are planning to go on a trip on those cold shivering nights. These are perfect for temperatures below 20ᵒF.

Give a thought on insulation type

Sleeping Bag

Generally, there are two types of insulations that you should expect to get in your sleeping bag: synthetic (nylon or polyester) or down (goose or duck feather). Both of these insulations vary when it comes to weight, warmth, price, and water resistance.

  • Down bags last quite longer than synthetic ones. They also weigh less and provide good warmth. However, these kinds of  bags are not water-resistant and also a bit more expensive than the good old synthetic bags.
  • Synthetic bags are renowned for being water-resistant and keeping you dry in wet weather conditions. Another good thing about these kinds of bags is that they dry out quickly so that you get a nice and comfortable experience the next night.

Buy a mummy sleeping bag for backpacking

Sleeping Bag

A mummy bag’s tapered cut around the feet and legs allows your body to stay heated for a long time due to restricting your body heat inside the camping mattress and preventing it from escaping. This puts them in the list of some of the most efficient bags when it comes to keeping you warm.

Mummy bags use lesser material which ultimately results in lesser weight, making them easy to lift and carry around.

Getting the right sleeping bag accessories

Sleeping Bag

There are certain accessories that you can purchase while you’re on it. These accessories can help you out in getting you much more comfortable during the night so that you can get the most out of your trip.

A sleeping pad

Placing a camping mattress under your bag is unarguably a great way to stay dry and warm in various weather conditions. Choose a sleeping pad according to your specific seasonal needs as they vary in weight and material.

A specialty cleaner

You can’t properly clean a bag with a regular laundry detergent or make a trip to the dry cleaner while you’re out in some deep woods or on top of a mountain. There are certain special bag cleaners available in the market that you can purchase to keep your bag tidy during a long vacation.

A good pillow

Getting a good quality pillow can assist you in avoiding bumps in the ground and cricks in your neck. Buy an inflatable pillow for convenient packing and much lesser weight to make it easy to carry around. If you are planning to go on a car camping trip, bring your favourite and most comfortable pillow that you have at home with you.

Finally, buying the most suitable sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

There are certain factors, as mentioned earlier, that you should always consider before finally ordering your new sleeping bag. These factors are explained as follows.

 Set a budget

The price of a sleeping bag depends on the seasonal type, shape, and fill material. These aspects depend upon your personal preference and budget. However, to give you an idea, down bags are expensive as they tend to support you in cold weather while synthetic bags are comparatively cheaper and lightweight as well. Set your budget according to your needs.

 Read customer reviews

Customer reviews can come quite in handy when you are confused between lots of choices and are reluctant to go for one. Opinions of buyers and bloggers can assist you in getting an idea of the common problems that you might have to face with the product you are about to go for.

Ask your family and friends

If you have any campers in your social circle, get their recommendations, and then do your research. This method can be quite time-saving and it can also save you from the hassle of searching for various sleeping bags online for hours. Note the experiences of your friends and family with different sleeping bag brands and products.

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