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In the month of June and September, we see many cases of food poisoning than any other time of the whole year. The reason for most of the cases is undercooked or overcooked barbecue. This guide will help you in learning some professional methods about cooking outdoors so you and your family can have a juicy and Smokey, restaurant-style bbq experience at the ease of your home. 

  • Selecting the right grill :

    Outdoor Gera

    Buy an affordable but good quality outdoor grill or cooker. Our recommendation is a Kettle-style grill with a hooded cover. They are available in all sizes and different price ranges to meet your budget. Grilling space is pretty sufficient, at the same time you can cook a lot on it. They are a perfect fit for indirect cooking (which will be explained ahead). Kettle style grill can allow you to cook many different types of dishes and Camping Gear from a Sunday roast to a whole turkey. It also comes with a pinwheel venting system which helps you in controlling heat, It’s also easy to reload coals through its grill flaps.

    Classic oil drum grill is another great pick for an amazing outdoor cooking experience. They have upper shelves that give you a spot to rest your BBQ and the main feature is that it allows you to add fuel without the hustle of opening the lid. Both kettle-style grill and drum oil grill are exclusively available online at “camping offers” at amazing prices. 


  • Remember to fuel the flames:

    Locally available Lump wood charcoal should be used whenever possible in sustainable quality. The reason is that many other charcoals are imported from different countries that destroy and harm the habitats. To avoid these circumstances using lump wood charcoal is a great choice plus it is not coated with flame-retardant chemicals which are mainly used for long-distance charcoal purposes.

  • Forget the use of gas:

    Do not fall under the claims of how the gas makes it easier to BBQ it is quite the opposite because gas contains hydrocarbons which further emits moisture and that makes it very hard to get a beautiful sear. Plus, if you want to cook on gas than just use the cooker in your kitchen but if you want to have a juicy Camping Gear why not burn some coal and have a lively outdoor cooking experience. Remember always Camping Equipment carefully while maintaining a distance from the cooker.

  • For flavour use fruitwood:

    Portable BBQ

    The sweet and Smokey texture on your barbecue comes from fruit woods such as wild cherry, orange, and sweet chestnut for more rich flavours birch, ash and oak are also some good choices. You must avoid the use of pine or elderflower wood its smoke might taint your meat. Cook the desired wood first and then grill over the fresh coals for an authentic Smokey flavour. BBQ is an art that needs a little bit of a technique and lots of flavours. 

  • Learn to light your coals faster:

    For this, you should buy a chimney starter. This kit contains a metal tube and at the bottom, there is a basket grill to hold your charcoal. Just fill that basket up and place a crumbled page underneath the light. In five to six minutes you will have lit up coals inside. Now you can Camping Gear easily.

  • Do not directly cook frozen meat:

    Always allow your meat to defrost properly and let it come to room temperature before you cook. Take the meat out of the fridge minimum an hour before you plan on cooking or grilling it. As meat is a muscle it needs a proper time to relax. Meat, a room temperature also means that you will need less fuel to cook it. It is easy to Camping Equipment meat if it is not rock hard cold but at a good tender temperature. 

  • Control the heat:

    Set your grill in a half-and-half arrangement, with charcoal on one half of the cooker and others should be left empty. That way, you will be able to color food to the right char over the coals, then from a secure distance from the heat move it to the other side to finish off. This will ensure the meat will not burn on the outer layer before it’s cooked from the inside, this is known as direct and indirect cooking. When fats of the meat cede, they often cause flare-ups. If they get out of control then it’s good to have an indirect side to move food to, so it doesn’t get burned. Your BBQ doesn’t have to be really dark or Smokey on the outside what matters is that it’s cooked properly.

  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness :

    Always keep your grill clean, avoiding cross-contamination. Use separate boards and tongs for cooked and raw meat. You would have to wash them between uses or buy a separate pair of tongs and chopping boards for raw and cooked meat. Cooking Camping Gear is not really a hassle until it is done right it is a lot more fun.

  • Season the meat:
    Camping Gear

    Marinate the meat with your home-made recipes or as you desire. A classic rub includes sea salt, cracked pepper, garlic, and brown sugar. Get creative and play with different dried herbs such as paprika or oregano. BBQ not only needs to be cooked properly but flavouring it right is also crucial.

  • The right use of barbecue sauce:

    Wait until the end of a proper cook to brush your meat with BBQ sauce. If you add it to your meat before it is cooked the sugar in the Camping Equipment sauce starts to burn which indicates to you that the chicken or whatever meat is cooked whereas it is raw on the inside.

    As you have read until here then we hope this guide helped you. Enjoy barbecuing!

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