Starting an Aerobic Step Routine

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The aerobic step is a great way of pumping your heart and staying fit. A workout that consists of choreographed cardio is made a part of the routine group exercises, can keep you motivated, and generate a sense of community. You can do it yourself if you have step fitness.

Benefits of Step aerobics 

Aerobic Step

Aerobic step routine gives you the same benefits that a high-intensity cardio workout gives you by putting less stress on the joints. It builds strength and in turn, improves fitness. It also reduces fat and boosts your cardiovascular health. You can use it to maintain the weight that you have as a target by using it for burning calories. Doing step aerobics boosts energy levels and mood as well. 

These moves are targeted at your upper body, legs, core, building flexibility, and strength. Coordination, agility and balance are also improved by them. If you do it as a group exercise with different people then you can make new connections that will also help you stay motivated. 

Aerobic step routines can help manage diabetes and blood pressure. People suffering from osteopenia or osteoporosis can even do these exercises as they are of low impact to improve the strength of their bones. A chair can be used by people with arthritis for balancing during the step class.

Basic aerobics step routine

Aerobic Step

You just need step fitness. Before you join a class, you can do some moves by yourself to have confidence and even make them a part of your everyday practice at home. 

The routine can be used as your base to make a program of your own. Use alternate sides and make sure to not use one foot that is leading for longer than a minute.

Basic right

  1. Step on the aerobic step with your right foot.
  2. Then, Step up with your left foot.
  3. Step down with your right foot, backward.
  4. Step down with the left foot, backward.

Basic left

  1. Step on the step fitness with your left foot.
  2. Then, Step up with your right foot.
  3. Step down with your left foot, backward.
  4. Step down with the right foot, backward.

Turnstep move

  1. Start by standing on the side of the aerobic step.
  2. Then, Step on it with your right foot.
  3. Turn while you are bringing your left foot upon the step.
  4. Step down with your right foot.
  5. Step down with the left foot left to meet your right foot.

A-step move

  1. Start by standing next to the step fitness, facing sideways.
  2. Step up in the center of it with your right foot.
  3. Then, lift your left foot to meet your right foot.
  4. Step down with your right foot, back to the opposite side.

Then, bring your left foot to meet your right foot Across the top move

  1. Start by facing sideways.
  2. Step up with your right foot, sideways.
  3. Step up with your left foot.
  4. Step off on the other side of the aerobic step with your right foot.
  5. Step down with your left foot.
  6. Tap up.
  7. Step up with your right foot.
  8. Step up, after that tap step by your left foot.
  9. Step down with your left foot.
  10. Then, Step down with your right foot.


  1. Step forward with your right foot towards the left side of your step fitness.
  2. Then, step forward by your left foot and then raise your knee, tap, or kick the floor.
  3. Step your left foot back.
  4. Step backward and do a lunge back with your right foot.
  5. Then, hop and turn.
  6. Stand sideways and with your right foot, step up.
  7. Raise your left knee while you turn on the ball of your right foot.
  8. Bring your left foot downwards on the aerobic step’s other side.
  9. Step down by your right foot to meet your left foot.
  10. After that, stand sideways and then step up by your right foot.
  11. Step your left foot up in the front of your right foot.
  12. Step your right foot off to the aerobic step’s far side.
  13. In the end, step off with your left foot.


Given below are a few tips for you that will help you.  

  • Using non-slip surface

Use a board that is non-slip for safety.

  • Adjust height of your aerobic step

Your aerobic step’s height can go from four to ten inches of height but that depends on your skills and fitness levels. You can lower the height in case of discomfort or pain or discomfort.

  • Practice your posture and form 

Engage your gluteal muscles and abdominals to maintain a good alignment and posture. Keep the neck straight and your chest lifted. 

  • Complete step

Make sure you take complete steps and your foot is not hanging over the edges of the step fitness. 

  • Step softly

When stepping, do not pound the feet. Soft steps should be used. 

  • Take smaller steps

While stepping down, ensure that your feet are one show length apart from the aerobic step and press the heels in for absorption of shock.

  • Get comfortable with the footwork

Ensure that the footwork has a solid handle before adding extra things in. Begin in the beginner class till you know it and then advance the practice. 

  • Use your arms for increased difficulty

Keep everything simple when you are in the initial staging of working on stamina and cardio and learning footwork. Hold the hands-on sides or the hips. If you want cardio more then add movements of arms in your routine. Few classes also use resistance bands, kettlebells and jump ropes. You may add arm movements or even use hand and ankle weights. But use all of these with extra care as they may cause injuries. 

If you are planning to start working out then get fitness. We know where to head to get the step fitness of high quality that is designed with extra care to keep you as safe as possible. Log on to Treadmill offers for buying the aerobic step. It is one of the best decisions that you can take today. 







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