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May 17, 2018
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Do people need to rent a self-storage facility to store their clothes in? For those who live in places with varying seasons, this could be a very good idea. Those who have an extraordinary amount of clothes regardless of seasons should also consider this option. Shop the best storage for your clothing. 

Seasonal Clothes

Seasonal change usually entails the keeping of clothes that are not expected to be used for several months. Winter clothes because of their make and weight often occupy much-needed space in the closet. This results in tightly packed clothes in the closet which is not suitable for many materials. Fur and leather clothes are especially sensitive and require more care than other clothes.

Specialty Clothes

For people who maintain specially-styled clothes and clothes made of specialty materials, proper storage is necessary. Specialty clothes tend to be expensive as well and taking good care of them simply makes sense. Extra care is usually needed to maintain shape and good condition.

Custom Work Wear

Sometimes expensive, custom clothing may need to be stored in a safe place. This is to protect it from damage if you don’t need it for a period of time. For example, if you are going on an extended vacation and have no need for your custom work suits, you may prefer to safely store your expensive workwear so it is not damaged or destroyed.

Too Many Clothes

People who simply just have too many clothes but are not willing to sell, donate, or dispose of them in other ways will have to find a more suitable way of storing them if they expect to have some order in their lives. A disorderly pile of clothes can only result in two things. The owner either ends up with damaged clothes or fails to find the clothing item required without literally overturning the whole room. Both can be very disappointing and exhausting.

Proper Storage of Clothes

Depending on the make and material, clothes will do well hung, folded, or kept in special boxes although glued boxes are best avoided as they tend to attract insects. Clothes also require proper ventilation and this means having enough space in between them. They should also be cleaned before they are kept. Keeping dirty clothes will only result in damage. The dirt will only attract insects and mold formation. Owners are usually surprised to find out that their clothes got damaged while in storage. Vacuum sealed bags and other containers categorized as airtight are not advisable for use in keeping clothes, especially on a long-term basis. The use of cedar blocks is ideal to keep off insects while a dehumidifier prevents mold and mildew formation. It is highly advised to use hangers that do not rust so as not to damage clothes.

Clothes in Self-Storage Facilities

After determining the clothes that need to be placed in a self-storage facility, owners must observe the recommendations for proper storage. It would be best to bring the clothes already sorted depending on whether they are to be stored hanging, folded, or in some other way. The use of acid-free tissue paper will prevent fiber breakages and color transfers. An ideal place for storing clothes is a place that is cool and dry. It should also be not subject to temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight. These ideal conditions can be suitably provided by self-storage facilities. Rolling garment carts can be used as well in self-storage as they are more convenient for hanging clothes.

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