Things to Know Before Buying A Kids Bike For your Toddler

August 19, 2020
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August 19, 2020

Kids bikes are great gifts for kids as kids love being in constant motion from the day they first opened their eyes. So if you want to surprise you with something which is both enjoyable and a learning experience as a whole, then kids bikes are the best option.

However, buying a toddler bike isn’t as easy as it sounds, it can really be perplexing.  Obviously, you need the perfect kids bike for your kid, which allows your kid to have the maximum fun while staying safe at the same time.

Kids bikes for younger kids are generally sized in a totally different manner than normal bikes. So, in order to get the ideal size for your kid, you need to know everything about the sizing.

And after size the main question arises is about the brakes, as to whether coaster brakes are better or hand brakes?  And, what amount should one keep in mind to spend in order to get one high-quality bike for his kid?

So, relax and take a deep breath. We are here to assist you to guide you through all the confusion around your toddler bike and let you know about all the main things which you should consider before opting for a toddler bike for your kid.

Let’s just get straight to it.

Understand How Kids Bikes Are Sized

Children’s bicycle sizes are referenced with their wheel size. This is unique as compared to the bikes for adults that are commonly estimated by the size of the bike frame.

The run of the mill wheel sizes for kids’ bicycles are 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and 24.” The greater the youngster, the greater the wheels.

Understand How Kids Bikes Are Sized

Measure your child’s inseam

The most ideal approach to fit a ride on cars to a kid is to gauge their inseam. Try not to avoid this step.

A bicycle recommended for a 5-year old may fit one kid at 4 years and some other kid at 6 years. Each child is different from others, and every one merits a bicycle that ideally fits. Most of the good manufacturers of kids bikes will reveal the suitable inseam length for every one of their bicycles.

To gauge your kid’s ride on cars, you need a measuring tape, a book, and your kid (obviously). Request your kid to remain against the wall, either shoeless or with socks. Have your kid hold a book between his legs, as near their groin as could be expected under the circumstances, and make a mark on the wall at the head of the book. At that point, utilize a measuring tape from the floor to that mark. Simple!

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to go bicycle shopping, keep that information with you. Pick a bicycle that is inside the low finish of the suggested inseam run so that your youngster has a space to develop.

Whatever you do, don’t ever purchase a bicycle that is bigger in size. Riding a bicycle that is large for a kid’s size is both uncomfortable and hazardous.

Measure your child’s inseam

Choose a Lightweight Bicycle

Most available kids bikes are ludicrously substantial. It’s regular for youngsters’ bicycles to weigh about as much as half of their body weight, and gauge in excess of a grown-up bicycle. On the off chance that you want to pick a bicycle dependent on any one factor, then pick is dependent on its weight.

A bicycle that is too hefty will be difficult for a kid to move and debilitating to ride on cars far. Once a father of a kid, revealed to me recently that his son, who is 8 years old, abhorred riding his bicycle and riding on cars wouldn’t go in excess of 5 miles. Father, at last, got him a more-costly, a lot lighter bicycle and was stunned to find that his child completely changed. He out of nowhere was asking to go riding at significant distances at a faster speed.

A titanium or aluminum kids bike frame will be the lightest. Don’t totally discount steel, however. In the event that the haggles parts are sufficiently light, steel can, in any case, is a strong, quality alternative.

Check the Brakes

In opposition to prevalent thinking, coaster brakes for bikes are not the most secure brakes for kids. On economically made bicycles, substandard hand-brakes can be really hard for kids to pull, making it essentially have a coaster brake. On some top quality bicycles, in any case, the brake switches will be intended for little, frail hands. A grown-up ought to have the option to press the switch using their little pinky finger.

The explanation I don’t suggest those coaster brakes is because of two main reasons. To begin with, you can’t retreat with a coaster brake, which is unbelievably hard for a kid simply figuring out how to ride on cars. For kids going straightforwardly from a parity bicycle to a pedal bicycle without preparing wheels, when they retreat, they stop out of nowhere and fall over. Viewing my child do this more than once, I understood I would always propose any youngster—even youthful ones—start on a bicycle without a coaster brake.

The second issue with these brakes is that there is no tweak, they are either “on” or “off.” For families who are doing genuine riding, down slopes, and so on, this is a genuine issue. In the “off” position it is anything but difficult to slip or lock-up.

One of the contentions for these brakes is that little youngsters are not facilitated enough to use hand brakes. I don’t accept that.

Especially for youngsters that figured out how to ride on cars on an offset bicycle with hand brakes, a change to a pedal bicycle with hand brakes instead of coaster brakes can really be simpler. In the event that you do feel more secure going with coaster brake, pick a bicycle that has both the brakes, hand brake as well as coaster one. Practically all bicycles with wheels bigger than 20″ have hand brakes, so it is significant for children to figure out how to tweak and ride on cars with a hand brake while they are as yet youthful.

Buy from a Trusted Place

There are many toddler bike stores, as well as online shops across the country and they all claim to have the best available bikes for your kid, which is obviously not true. You need to check customer reviews online and ask your friends or acquaintances who bought toddler bikes for their kids in the past. Because it takes a good amount of money to purchase a bike and it’s also a security risk to buy a cheaper bike.

The ideal solution however for this issue is just browsing through our website and choosing from our large assortment of toddler bikes. You will find all kinds of bikes there in different styles and sizes to suit your kid’s riding needs perfectly. Visit our website now (

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