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If you are someone who frequently jumps on the trampoline or have a trampoline in your garden or backyard, then certainly know the fun that you can have on them. Kids can easily spend many hours on the trampoline, so you have a lot of time at hand to do things around the house. You can complete the chores as well as have personal time. 

If you keep on using the trampoline for a longer time then few of the components will come under the pressure of constantly being abused and used. This may also be due to the fact that it is exposed constantly to heat and it will call for replacements. 

So it is essential to keep on checking the trampoline accessories, trampoline’s stitching around its ring, tears frays, holes, loose threads or punctures as well as other mishaps, like missing or bent springs and rings. Apart from trampoline accessories that are needed for replacement, you should also have many other trampoline accessories that are certainly a must have. You can add these trampoline accessories on the trampoline if you already do not have them with the trampoline. Some of the trampoline accessories are made for the purpose of safety such as the trampoline mat and trampoline net, while others will add to the fun that you can have on the trampoline. 

We will go through a few of the most amazing trampoline accessories that you can get from the market easily for adding to the fun and the safety of playing on the trampoline. 

  • Trampoline net for enclosure 

A trampoline net will be abused the most, after the trampoline mat so they can be damaged over time. As the trampoline nets are a necessity for safety so you must not wait for replacing them. A trampoline net will prevent the accidents that are likely to happen if anyone jumping on the trampoline falls off. 

They also prevent the toes or fingers of the child from being caught up in the hole or tear. A lot of trampolines have their trampoline net with them but there are a few manufacturers that want you to get the trampoline net on your own. Make sure you get the trampoline net that has a UV protection that is durable as compared to the regular trampoline net. Polyethylene nets are great as they are tear-proof and flexible.

  • Trampoline mat for replacement  

Trampoline mat is the thing that is abused the most. If you do not ensure that it is of high quality then you will not have an exceptional experience. You may be thinking when do you have to get the trampoline mat replaced. The replacement of trampoline mat is dependent on the conditions of weather that the trampoline mat was exposed to as well as the jump intensity that it has been used for. You will have to replace the trampoline mat that is being jumped on daily, more often as compared to the one that is used rarely. Generally, it is recommended to get the trampoline mat replaced after every two years or more. The trampoline mat will require a replacement if it has a puncture, loose thread or tear. 

  • Basketball Hoops

A basketball hoop is one of the trampoline accessories that will be a great addition to the trampoline. There is something about shooting a basketball as you jump on the trampoline. It has a HDPE board and a rim with it. There are some that come with a basketball hoop or you can get one for yourself. You can attach and adjust the basketball hoop to the trampoline pole. There are soft basketballs that you can get for your child so that they can be safe. 

  • Wind Stakes

Wind stakes are other essential trampoline accessories that you need. If the wind stakes will support the legs then the trampoline will be firm, safe and stable for everyone. There are many that you can get as trampoline accessories, just make sure they are of the best quality. The wind stakes must be made from the weather resistance material that is galvanized steel in order to prevent the premature corrosion and rusting.

  • Access slides and ladders 

Slides and ladders are important trampoline accessories. If you are a parent having young kids then these trampoline accessories are essential for preventing accidents as your kids gets off and on the trampoline. If there are two points of entry then you can attach the slide on one side and ladder on another. These trampoline accessories will add to the fun but make sure that they are not sharp or pointed edges. 

  • Weather covers

These trampoline accessories are for protection against the harsh weather conditions like stormy rains, crazy winter months, as well as harmful sun rays. Regardless of if your trampoline is UV resistant or not, you will need to protect the trampoline as it will increase the life of your trampoline. 

  • Spring or frame pads

Spring or cover pads, also known as cover pads, are also great trampoline accessories. They are made in different sizes and designs and certainly must have trampoline accessories. They will absorb shock, which makes them safe trampoline accessories. Make sure that the springs do not catch the jumpers. They also cushion the jumpers in ace they land on springs and make sure they do not fall. Get the frame pads that are UV and water resistant. The material that is used for construction should be polyethylene. 

  • Foam Sleeves

These trampoline accessories are like the cover pads. Foam sleeves will protect the jumpers if they hit the frame accidently. Expanded polyethylene must be used to make these trampoline accessories so that they are not affected by the environmental conditions. They are great at energy absorption and lightweight.  

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