Why are Camping swags better than tents?

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November 23, 2020
November 25, 2020

The biggest difficulty faced by modern campers is making a choice whether to go for tents or swags for their trips that they plan over the weekend. Both camping swags and tents have different benefits but the ease of going and not setting up the tent is great when you go with Camping gear. 

Both of these have different advantages and disadvantages and what might be good and suitable for one person may not be good and suitable for another. Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of both of these in order for you to make a better decision as to what suits your needs the best.

Take a look at both of these and then decide according to your preference. Do remember that not everyone has the same preferences so what might be good for you should be preferred by you.

Camping Swags


The best thing about camping swags is that you can just put them in the car and start your journey and also the fact that they are very easy to pack and set up. You will find Camping gears that will take less than a minute to set up. You can even set them up if you reach the destination in the dark and you are too sleepy because they are easy to set up.

Most camping swags are also chosen because of their features such as a foam mattress which means you will not have to bring in extra bedding with you such as a sleeping bag. 

They are also cooler and warmer as compared to tents because of the amazing properties of ventilation. Generally, they are smaller than tents which is both an advantage and a disadvantage but that depends on how many people are accompanying you to camping.

 If you are going alone or as a couple then a swag will accommodate you and the other person easily and the smaller size is an advantage, also because it can fit in spaces that are small. But if you take along a larger group to camping and have other equipment and gear with you as well then the Camping gear may not be the best option for you. 



Tents are available in a wide variety of different types and all of these have different shapes, sizes and they come packed with a range of features. You have a lot more choices when you are buying tents and the common types of them consist of conventional 8, 4, and 2 people tents as well as rooftop tents.

 The tents are classified by the seasons that they are made for. You will see four-season tents, two-season tents, and one season tents. 

If you are living in Australia, you will need a one-season or two-season tent because it will not be very cold here. Both these models are also lightweight and they provide good properties of ventilation. Although setting up a tent can take a few minutes but the time taken depends on the size mostly. Larger tents that have poles will take a few hours for setting up. They will also take up more space in your car. 

There are a few reasons that camping swags are better than tents when you are camping. Swags can be a very good alternative to the tents that are used for camping. Given below are a few reasons that will tell you why Camping gear is preferred by campers as compared to tents. 

Easier set up and pack upswings are quick and easier when it comes to setting up. After the trip is ended, packing up is also simple. Just roll up your camping swag and hit the road.

  • No need for extra bedding


If you have a tent, you will need an extra sleeping bag or bedding to sleep peacefully at night. It will also increase the bulkiness of the equipment that you will carry to the site of camping. On the other hand, Camping gears have foam mattresses already so that you can be comfortable against the ground. 

  • Warmer

The type of material used and the canvas used make swags a lot warmer and it can be guaranteed. They have smaller volumes which makes sure that your body is kept warm inside it. The foam mattress is effective as compared to stand-alone air mattresses with relation to retention of body warmth. The occurrence of movement of air in the air mattress may take heat away instead of keeping the heat in. 

  • More ventilation

When it is hot, the upper layer of the canvas and windows can be opened for ventilation so that you can rest comfortably in a pleasant environment. Flyscreen mesh that is inbuilt makes the insects stay out as well so you do not have to deal with insects. 

  • Durable

Durability was kept in mind while designing Camping gear so that they stay longer and live through years of usage. Manufacturers ensure that camping swags survive the harsh weather conditions that they will have to face. Swags are not delicate and you can throw them in the back of the car and know that it will not be damaged and can survive.

  • Flexible

camping swags are amazing if you have less space at the campsite. Having a truck will allow you to place your camping swag at the back by reversing it and be raised from the ground as you sleep.

  • No pegs

Some swag models come with pegs that come in the package but you can still choose if you want them or not. Camping swags will not require pegs to set up. The structure of your camping swag will keep it secure and in place during the day. But when the weather gets worse with strong winds you can use pegs for securing it. 

If you are a frequent camper or planning to go on camping then visit Camping swag online to get the best swags. They will enhance your camping experience greatly. We have a few options available that you can choose from. Do not forget to get camping swag before you take off for a camping trip. 

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